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Why Pinterest is a Parents Best Friend | School Lunch Boxes

Why Pinterest is a Parents Best Friend

Over recent years social media has become embedded into modern day society. With a variety of different channels available from sites such as Facebook and Twitter to the more visual platforms such as Instagram and Youtube – there are a whole bunch of social media channels to choose from. Being one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of school lunch boxes one of our favourite social media websites is Pinterest.

Pinterest is a large online community where its uses can share advice, tips, and tricks, through a more visual approach. If you are a newbie to the world of Pinterest, then here is a list of why this online platform can be your best friend.

Arts and Crafts

Kids love arts and crafts, its a timeless classic. But sometimes coming up with new and fun ideas for your kids to do, without breaking the bank, can be quite difficult. This is where Pinterest is amazing. With one just quick search for “kids craft” there are thousands of ideas at your fingertips, perfect for any occasion.

Visit our Kids Arts and Crafts board.


Lunch Box Ideas

As you can imagine this is one of our favourite parts of Pinterest. There are hundreds for inspirational healthy sandwich and snack ideas and alternatives, perfect for your kids school lunch box. Pinterest also hosts to a whole bunch of interesting  tips and tricks for packing your children’s school lunch boxes, perfect for the hectic early morning rush.

Visit our Healthy Lunch Ideas board.


Healthy Recipes

As parents we care about our children’s wellbeing, trying to get them to exercise and eat more healthy. However with work and other day to day activities, as well as the added cost, coming up with new and inexpensive healthy meals can be a stressful task. Luckily Pinterest is here to help. This wonderful social media site has an infinite amount of healthy recipes, letting your pick the perfect one for your family.

Visit our Healthy Recipes board.


Festive Activities

With the holiday season upon us, finding new and interesting activities for your kids to do is easy with Pinterest. There is thousands of different Christmas themed ideas from arts and crafts to fun family recipes. No matter what you are looking for there is something on Pinterest for you.

Visit our Christmas Arts and Crafts board.


Parenting Tips

If you are a new parent it can be a bit difficult and nerve racking from time to time. Luckily Pinterest is here to help. Not only is there a whole community of first time parents just like your self to interact with but there’s also a range of different tips, tricks and advice to help you with any parenting problem you might have.



We all know kids love to learn new things. But why not add some fun to this equation? Pinterest is great for this, with a lot of fun ideas, you can help get your kids on the right step using a more interesting and fun learning experience.

View our Fun Learning board.


Pinterest is an amazing social media channel for any parent, new or old. As you can see it hosts a whole range of ideas to help you along your journey, it truly is a Parents best friend.

Amey Online are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of school lunch boxes. Each lunch box is specifically designed with children in mind, making them tough, durable, easy to clean, and available to a wide range of colours and colour combinations. If you are looking for a new school lunch box then please give us a call on 01730 266525, or send us an email to sales@scottandsons.co.uk, we’d love to discuss your lunch box needs.

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