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Top 10 Children's Lunch Box Life Hacks | School Lunch Boxes

Top 10 Children’s Lunch Box Life Hacks

Top 10 Lunch Box Life Hacks | Children's Lunch Boxes

It is now officially back to school season, and to help with the everyday task of making packed lunches for your school lunch boxes, we thought now would be a good time to share with you our Top 10 Children’s Lunch Box Life Hacks.

1. Looking to surprise your little one with a delicious bagel of lunch? Store it inside a cd spindle to help it stay fresh and intact inside your child’s lunch box.

2. Is your child a big fan of raisins, dried fruit, nuts and trail mix? Plastic egg containers and the boxes inside kinder surprise make a great case for these healthy treats.

3. Fruit is the perfect accompaniment to any school packed lunch, and we know our little ones love it when it’s cut up. But there is always the problem of bruising, especially with apples. To prevent this place a rubber band around a cut up apple and the pieces will stay nice and fresh in your children’s lunch boxes.

4. Ran out of ice packs? Why not try this cheap and easy alternative. Simply soak a clean sponge in water and freeze it. Once it’s done place it in a sandwich bag and voila you have yourself a homemade ice pack to keep your kid’s lunch box nice and cool throughout the day.

5. Do your children love bananas? Then they’ll love this. Why not try and leave them a secret note? In the morning take a toothpick and write a message in the skin right before you put the banana in your children’s lunch box. When lunchtime comes around the message will be fully visible.

6. Is your kid’s lunch box turning into a jungle of food? Plastic cup cake holders make fantastic lunch box dividers.

7. Oranges can be difficult to peel sometimes, especially if you have tiny hands. This simple trick from Jewel Pie makes peeling oranges easy, letting your little ones enjoy their favourite fruit without any problems.

8. Thinking of treating your child to lightly toasted sandwich in their lunch box? Place two pieces of bread into the same slot in a toaster. You get a nice crispy outside with a soft inside, and your kids will love it.

9. Every kid loves a frozen drink on those hot days, but they always seem to leek and spill everywhere as they defrost. To combat this try filling the bottle half way then freezing it on its side over night. In the morning top the bottle up with water. This will result in iced cold water all day long without the mess in your children’s lunch boxes.

10. Are you’re children not a big fan of crusts? Why not use different cookie cutters to turn their sandwiches into crust free meals of excitement?


We hope you have found our Top 10 Lunch Box Life Hacks fun and interesting, and makes packing your children’s lunch boxes that bit easier. If you have any of your own ideas we’d love to hear from you so send us a tweet to @AmeyOnline.


Amey Online are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers for customisable and durable school lunch boxes, available in a range of colours and colour options. If you are interested in a new lunch box for your children please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01730 266525 or drop us an email on sales@scottandsons.co.uk, we’d love to discus your children’s lunch box needs.

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