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More Healthy Lunch Box Ideas | School Lunch Boxes | Ameyonline

More Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas | School Lunch Boxes | Amey Online

Here at Amey Online, being one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of school lunch boxes, we care about what goes into our lunch boxes as much as we do making them. Trying to get your little ones to eat more healthily can be a bit of a struggle, especially in the morning rush, so we thought we’d give you some more healthy lunch box ideas, perfect for when the school term starts again.

Chicken Guacamole Wrap.

This simple sandwich idea is perfect for your children’s lunch boxes, and is extremely healthy. Simply take a wholemeal tortilla wrap, add a bit of guacamole (store bought or homemade) in the middle and lay shredded chicken breast, sliced red peppers and grated cheddar. This recipe if perfect if you have some left over chicken from the night before. Why not spice things up a little and add some flavour to the chicken breast?

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Muffin Pizzas.

Pizza is one of the many foods kids enjoy, perfect to enjoy cold or hot, so why not try a healthy option for their lunch box? This recipe from Tesco Food will bring new flavours to your kids lunch boxes, and leave them wanting more. This simple recipe is made from cutting English muffins in half and adding a simple pizza sauce, cheese and a topping of your children’s choice. A perfect edition to any school lunch box.

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Roast Chicken and Tomato Pitta Pockets.

Kids love pita bread, so why not add this fun bread to their lunch box? For this recipe all you will need is mini pitta breads (preferable wholemeal), sour cream, lettuce, chicken, and tomatoes. Simply open the pitta pockets and fill with the ingredients and you have a delicious, healthy, sandwich for your children’s lunch boxes.

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Tuna and Lemon Mayonnaise Wraps

This recipe is perfect for children who love tuna, and will make a great addition to their school lunch boxes. All you will need for this recipe is plain tortillas (we suggest wholemeal) a can of tuna, mayonnaise, salt and pepper, lettuce, tomato (optional), and a squeeze of lemon. Simply combine the lemon, mayo and tuna together and spread into the wrap whilst adding the lettuce and tomato. A healthy wrap that will brighten up your kids lunch boxes and leave them wanting more.

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Easy Pasta Salad

Pasta is a good source of energy for kids, so it’s the perfect addition to any school lunch box instead of a sandwich. This recipe is very simple, and you kids will love it. Cook 85g of pasta shapes and add 3 tbsp of frozen peas and sweetcorn for the final minute of cooking. Once the pasta and vegetables have cooked add a table spoon of natural yogurt, balsamic dressing and 1 tea spoon of mayonnaise.

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Turkey Sub

With Christmas over, we know you probable have quite a lot of turkey left over, so why not use it in a sandwich for your little ones lunch box? For this recipe all you will need is a wholemeal sub roll, mayonnaise, turkey, and lettuce. Simply cut open the roll, spread the mayo and add the turkey and lettuce. A perfect sandwich for your children’s lunch box, which your little ones will enjoy, and can be made in a matter of seconds.

Red Pepper Houmous

Houmous has quickly become a child’s favourite. This dip is extremely healthy, so why not introduce it into your children’s lunch boxes as an alternative to a sandwich. For this recipe you will need a tin of chick peas, red pepper puree, yogurt, tahini, and lemon juice. Simply combine the ingredients in a food processor and add seasoning to taste. Then once complete compliment this healthy lunch box idea with a range of raw vegetables such as carrots, cucumber and celery for your little ones to dip into the houmous.

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Cheese and Marmite Swirls.

The English classic spread, you either love it or you hate it. If you kids love marmite then this idea will be perfect for their lunch boxes. Made from puff pastry, marmite, and cheese these tasty treats are a great alternative to sandwiches for your kids lunch boxes and can be made the night before and enjoyed all week.

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Cottage Cheese, Grated Carrot, and Rocket Pittas

This delicious pitta sandwich will slowly become a lunch box favourite for your children. Made from wholemeal pitta, cottage cheese, carrot, and rocket, this simple sandwich idea is extremely healthy, perfect for you little ones lunch boxes.

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Ham and Cheese Pinwheels

These sandwich alternatives are a perfect addition to your kid’s lunch boxes. Fun, interesting, and most importantly they taste great. For this recipe all you will need is a wholemeal tortilla wrap, light cream cheese, baby leaf spinach, and ham. Simply spread the cheese onto the wrap and add the ham and spinach then roll the wrap up and cut into sections. We know your kids will love seeing this in their school lunch boxes.

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We hope you have liked our list of healthy lunch box ideas, and we have inspired you to try something different for your children’s lunch boxes. If you have tried one of these recipes, or have any of your own send us a tweet with a picture to @Ameyonline, we’d love to hear from you.

Amey Online is one of the leading manufacturers of school lunch boxes. All of our lunchboxes are tough, durable, and easy to clean and come in a variety of different colours, making them perfect for children. If you are looking for a new lunch box for your children then visit our lunch box page to view our products or get in contact by calling us on 01730 266525 or send us an email to sales@scottandsons.co.uk – we’d love to discuss your lunch box needs.

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