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Christmas Themed Lunch Box Ideas | School Lunch Boxes

Christmas Themed Lunch Box Ideas

Christmas Themed Lunch Box IdeasWe are now only one week away from Christmas, and we know your little ones are getting more excited for the arrival of Father Christmas. With school nearly finished for Christmas Holidays, why not make your children’s lunch boxes extra special with some of these Christmas Themed Lunch Box Ideas.

Christmas Tree Sandwich.

This lunch box idea will certainly lighten your child’s school lunch box up with Christmas spirit. Take your child’s favourite sandwich and simply cut it into the shape of a Christmas tree, either with a knife or a biscuit cutter. Then use cut up bits of fruit and veg to decorate the tree.

Rudolph Sandwich.

During the build up to Christmas why not add everybody’s favourite reindeer to your kids lunch boxes? The Rudolph Sandwich is a simple peanut butter and jam filling but with the bread shaped into a reindeer’s head. The features are made from pieces of fruit such as strawberry’s, bananas, and raisins.

Christmas Tree Pizza.

Looking for a Christmas themed alternative to sandwiches for your children’s lunch boxes? The how about a Christmas inspired pizza? This would make a create meal the night before, as well as a tasty lunch box treat. Simply use a Christmas tree biscuit cutter to cut the pizza dough into a tree shape and add a variety of holiday themed, healthy, toppings such as turkey. We know you’re kids will love see this in their lunch box. If you don’t have a biscuit cutter to hand, Kidspot Kitchen has a great idea to make these festive shapes using a cutting knife.

Rudolph’s Carrot Flapjacks.

Here’s and idea, why not add some Christmas cheer into your kids lunch boxes through healthy snacks? BBC Good Food has an amazing recipe for healthy flapjacks using carrots, apricot, cinnamon, and pumpkin seeds. Your children will love these delicious treats. P.S. this a fantastic baking recipe you can do with your kids.

View Recipe.

Snowflake Lunchbox.

We all know the chance of a white Christmas in England is slim to none (but let’s keep our fingers crossed) so why not bring it to your little one’s school lunch boxes? This can be done, once again, through a simple snowflake shaped biscuit cutter. Shape your child’s sandwich into a snowflake, as well as some healthy snack options such as carrots and apples. To add some extra Christmas spirit try adding some snowflake shaped confetti to make their lunch box even more magical.

We hope you have liked some of our suggestions for some Christmas themed lunch box ideas. If you have tried any of these ideas, or have any of your own, send us a tweet to @Ameyonline, with a picture of your child’s lunch box, we’d love to hear from you.

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