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Halloween Pumpkin Ideas | School Lunch Boxes

Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Pumpkin Designs | School Lunch Boxes

It is finally October, and we know the thrill of Halloween being just around the corner is making your little ones excited. We thought that now would be a good time to provide you with some of our favourite pumpkin carving designs to help make this years Halloween a bit more special for your children.  So grab your pumpkins, and your little one’s and get carving!

Super Hero Themed

Do your children have a favourite super hero or television character? Why not carve their logo design, or an iconic symbol into a pumpkin?


Rather than the traditional face, you could try a Halloween themed silhouette on your pumpkin, the result is absolutely breath taking.

Animal and Creatures

Why not try taking the iconic halloween animals and creates as inspiration. Carving a cats face, or a bat, can result in a very interesting, and unique, pumpkin design.


Stemmed Nose Pumpkin

Take an unconventional approach to pumpkin carving the design on the top using the stem as a nose, rather than on its side. See the video from about.com.


Stacked Pumpkin

Here’s an idea, why not try the stacked pumpkin design by using multiple pumpkins. You can either stack them all together, each with their own design, or make a pumpkin man. (PS. One of our school lunch boxes would make a great accessory).


Cookie Cutter Pumpkin

Not much of a pumpkin carver? Cookie cutters make great tools for creating beautiful pumpkin designs.

The Carnivorous Pumpkin

If you fancy yourself a bit of a design wizz, why not try the carnivorous pumpkin design? Take two pumpkins and create a scary scene.

Happy Pumpkins

Your little one not a fan of the scarier parts of Halloween? Then try designing happy faces onto your pumpkin.

We hope you’ve found some of ideas for pumpkin designing interesting and useful. Use any one of these suggestion will make sure your little ones are the envy of all their friends. We’d love to hear some of your ideas so send us a photo on twitter to @Ameyonline of your Pumpkin designs this year.

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