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Homemade Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas for Children | School Lunch Boxes

Homemade Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas for Children

Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas for Children | Children's Lunchboxes

The Christmas tree is an iconic symbol for this time of year, decorated with beautiful ornaments and glistening through the fairy lights wrapped around the branches. We know helping to decorate a Christmas tree can be a child’s favourite Christmas activity, but why not take it that one step further by letting your children make their own decorations? With this in mind here is some of our favourite Homemade Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas for Children.

Handprint Snowman Decorations

Got some old Baubles lying around? Then this is homemade decoration idea for you. Crafted from white poster paint, your children’s hands, and some felt tip pen’s, this will get you both in the Christmas spirit and look great on your tree.

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Salt Dough Decorations

This simple decoration can get you and your children stuck in from the very beginning. Made from a simple salt dough recipe, you can let your children make their own shapes from snowflakes and stars to Christmas trees and decorate them any way they want.

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Marshmallow Snowman

For this homemade decoration you will need a clear bauble, preferably plastic, marshmallows, card, and some felt tip pens.  Simply place the marshmallows inside the bauble and use the card and felt tips to make the features and stick them on using PVA glue. Your children will love making these.

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Stained Glass Gingerbread Cookies

We know children love baking, so why not combine this activity with making Christmas tree decorations?  These stained glass gingerbread cookies are the perfect combination. Made from a simple gingerbread dough and boiled sweets, these decorations look beautiful with your tree’s lights shining through their centre.

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Pinecone Ornaments

The pinecone is a symbol of autumn and winter, so why not include it on your tree? Whilst on a winter walk with your children collect any pinecones you see, then once your home simply let your little ones cover them in glitter. The perfect Christmas Tree decoration.

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Your children will love making these simple decorations. All you will need is card, string, PVA glue and glitter. Simply cut out snowflake shapes (you can easily find templates to download on the internet) and let your little ones cover them in glitter, then once its dried attach the string and voilà you have yourself a Christmas Tree decoration.


We hope we have got you inspired to make your own Christmas Tree decorations, if so tweet us picture to @Ameyonline, we’d love to hear from you.


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