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5 Autumn Activities for Children | School Lunch Boxes

5 Autumn Activities for Children


Here at Amey Online autumn has to be one of our favourite times of the year, and we’re sure your little monsters love it to. The leaves turn that beautiful auburn colour, the time for scarves and hats rears it head, and Halloween is quickly approaching. It is with that in mind that we thought we’d give you some ideas on keeping your children entertained during the next few months.


1. Build a Leaf Pile

Leaf piles provide hours of endless fun for children. This cheap and effective activity requires a rake and a child’s imagination, just remind your little ones to take their shoes off before coming back inside.

2. Autumn Themed Baking

A whole new range of flavours come alive during the autumn season such as pumpkin and cinnamon, making it the perfect time to introduce them to your child. The Internet is full of delicious autumn themed tasty treats that your little ones will love baking as much as eating them (and they are a great addition to your children’s lunch box). Check out this flapjack recipe from the BBC to get you started.

3. Trail Walks

England is full of nature trails and woods, brilliant for a day out with the whole family. Often featuring play parks, mazes, woodland creatures there is a range of activities for your children to enjoy. One of our favourites is Alice Holt in Surrey, featuring child friendly climbing apparatus dotted around the trail, which your children will love.


That classic school game never stops being fun. Take your little ones out for a walk and see how many you can collect, and let them have endless fun with their friends. (P.S. they are a great tool to also help with counting)

5. Autumn Arts & Crafts

Whilst on your forage for conkers, or on your nature trail, why not collect other woodland items such as leaves, pine cones and sticks? Then once you get home bring out the arts and crafts box and let your children’s imagination run free and see what collages they can come up with. The Imagination Tree’s article has a whole range of autumn themed arts & crafts that your children will adore.

Autumn provides us parents with a whole range of activities for our little ones to enjoy. These are only a few ideas to get the ball rolling, but we’d love to hear from you with your children’s favourite autumn activities,  send us a tweet to @Ameyonline or drop us a comment on our Facebook page.

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